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Until Death Do You Part: A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love

Until Death Do You Part: A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love

"A God-Inspired Book!  5 Stars! -This testimony clearly was written by two people whom the Lord has refined in His cleansing fire of pain and suffering, even if some of that pain and suffering was self-imposed ... just as described in Psalm 66:8-12. This passage ends by saying that God leads out of suffering into a "place of abundance" (NASV). This book is straight from the heart, and so this is why I give it 5 stars ... you can't argue with someone's genuine testimony of what God has done in their life!" ~ Greg - Amazon Customer

"Extremely encouraging! 5 Stars! Jeff has been to hell and back to tell about it. Suzanne is a certified Storm Trooper!" ~Amazon Customer

"Inspirational! 5 Stars!" - Ed ~ Cincinnati, Oh

 "Simply amazing. A true testament of faith and boundless love for God and each other. Your story has inspired me in many ways.  I especially appreciated the way He spoke to both of you through music. Thank God that your spirit has been reignited. Shining your lights. Eternally grateful to both of you for sharing your testimony.  Thank you" Melanie ~ Stuart, FL. 

 "Man has many setbacks. 5 Stars! - "For awhile this man was his own worst enemy.
Then God showed him that He owned was there all the time." ~ Amazon Customer

" I just finished your book and I had to let you and Suzy know how much it affected me. For her part, her strength in the face of tragedy and adversity was a tremendous inspiration for me. It has given me the hope that I, too, can overcome my own difficulties. As for your part, it went a very long way towards restoring my belief that God has not given up on me yet. And that it is possible for me to come back to Him. My faith has certainly waned over the last few years, but while reading your story (and through many tears at what you both have experienced) I gradually felt it growing. I am filled with renewed hope that I too can be restored to my Lord and Savior. Thank you both for sharing your story. It certainly inspired me, as I'm sure it did and will do for others. May God continue to bless you and your family, Jeff." ~Donna - Cincinnati, Ohio

" I just finished reading a transforming Truth of sustaining grace true life story. A story that takes on a conforming shape the size of Christ's heart. "Until Death Do You Part: A Story of Faith, Hope and Love" Non stop page turner" ~ David - Toney, Alabama