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Until Death Do You Part: A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love

Until Death Do You Part:  A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love

Until Death Do You Part: A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love

This is a story written from two different perspectives: one of a husband and one of a wife. Our individual lives started from two diverse worlds and combined to become one life in 1987. We married in our early 20’s and began to have children three years later. Tyler was born first in 1990 and Kirsten joined our family in 1993. We considered ourselves the typical, normal suburban family. As we grew in our marriage and focused on raising our children, we were determined to do so with God in first place and the kids in church. Unfortunately, the circumstances of life came into play a few years into our marriage and developed into a near cataclysmic end to two wonderful relationships: Our marriage to each other and our marriage to Christ. Through the storms, we managed to come out stronger in the end but the struggles were much harder without God as the head of our house. Our hope is that with our story we can inspire others to stay strong in their relationship with God and to raise their families in church because it is there that you will find the greatest strength to weather the storms of life.

Jeff and Suzanne Coulter have been married since 1987. Jeff Coulter was born in 1966 and is from Williamsburg, Ohio. A devout Christian throughout his early adulthood, Jeff reached a crossroad with the death of his mother in 1988 and found himself turning away from God. On April 22nd, 2014 Jeff was nearly killed in a head on collision. Beating the odds and surviving the crash, one week later Jeff suffered multiple pulmonary emboli. Only 1 out of 20 survive such a traumatic incident. Jeff slipped into a void of nothingness; the absolute absence of the presence of God. A void filled with demonic beings and symbolic icons of hell and death. Miraculously surviving the crash and emboli, God also delivered Jeff from alcoholism and chronic depression. Through it all there was his wife Suzanne at his side as if she belonged there by God’s own invitation. Driving him along the way. Jeff has since rededicated his life to Christ and now dedicates himself to church ministries, online ministries and authoring diverse books. 


"This testimony clearly was written by two people whom the Lord has refined in His cleansing fire of pain and suffering, even if some of that pain and suffering was self-imposed ... just as described in Psalm 66:8-12. This passage ends by saying that God leads out of suffering into a "place of abundance" (NASV). This book is straight from the heart, and so this is why I give it 5 stars ... you can't argue with someone's genuine testimony of what God has done in their life! " - Greg ~ Amazon Customer

"Simply amazing. A true testament of faith and boundless love for God and each other. Your story has inspired me in many ways.  I especially appreciated the way He spoke to both of you through music. Thank God that your spirit has been reignited. Shining your lights. Eternally grateful to both of you for sharing your testimony.  Thank you"- Melanie ~ Stuart, FL

NEW! Angels Unaware

Angels Unaware

 "If ever there is a perfect day it is this day. A day of early dawn and golden sunshine. A solemn figure standing at the Griffith Observatory, overlooking the city. From nowhere and from eternity. As he looks at the rising sun, he communes with the Father in reverent silence. Looking down at the city where he will walk among us, he notices his hands. Looking at them and rolling them over to reveal his palms, he lightly clinches his fists. Though eternity is limitless and boundless, the sensation is humbling. Looking at the brightening sky, he utters a whispering prayer, "Father, thy will be done."

Grant Messler is a mystery that Attorney and Public Defender Fran Sinclair cannot understand. Accepting the fate of prison, Grant becomes an integral part of Fran's life and the lives of her family.

As the story unfolds, Grant interacts with those around him. Changing the lives of those that reject God, by supernatural and Angelic means that no one can explain or understand.

Fran's husband Steve is a hard hitting sales executive whose good looks and charm finally catch up to him with his most lucrative account. Roselynn Hernandez will stop at nothing to get what she wants, including Steve.

Lisa Sinclair loves God and lives the life of Christ. An outcast in school, she soon becomes the focus of Shea who is the most popular girl in school and also the loneliest.

Read how God brings peace and healing through miraculous intrigue and supernatural interaction and also changes so many lives along the way! 

Angels Unaware by Jeff Coulter. Edited by Suzanne R. Coulter

Angels Unaware by Jeff Coulter. Edited by Suzanne R. Coulter

Little Jeffery - A Christian Children's Book

Little Jeffery by Jeff Coulter. Edited by Suzanne R. Coulter

Little Jeffery

 Little Jeffery is a collection of short, faith-based children's stories, from manners to losing a friend to cancer, as seen through the eyes of a small child. "Jesus love me, this I know..." 

 This book was AWESOME!!!!!!! The narrator told the story the way it should be told and I loved his character voices. He made the characters come to life. 

The Yesterday Christ

The Yesterday Christ

 The Yesterday Christ is the first in a series of Christian based Science Fiction stories. Follow Dr. Graham Parker on his adventures through time. Travel with him as he confronts his faith through adventure, mystery and hope. Jesus is truly the same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow... 

The Yesterday Christ by Jeff Coulter. Edited by Suzanne R. Coulter

The Yesterday Christ by Jeff Coulter. Edited by Suzanne R. Coulter

The Yesterday Christ: Genesis

The Yesterday Christ: Genesis by Jeff Coulter. Edited by Suzanne R. Coulter

The Yesterday Christ: Genesis

 “…. “Holy Father, your mercy endures forever.” The only recognizable feature was the rocks that Raj had just used as refuge and the scorched tree split in two. “It’s gone. He took it from them. The Garden of Eden has been ripped from the soul of man…”

We hope you enjoy this next installment of The Yesterday Christ series.  Follow the continued adventures of Dr. Graham Parker and his ban of colleagues as they continue to tread on the fringes of hope, faith and science. Was Genesis really the beginning? Dr. Raj Hadaad risks his friends and his career to find an answer… 

Coming Soon! The Thin Blue Cross

The Thin Blue Cross ~ Coming Christmas 2019!

  “For rulers are not a terror to good works but to evil…But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain.” Romans 13: 3-4 KJV.